Where can I purchase Venus Instruments products?

You can purchase on this website, via PayPal. We ship from London UK within 3 days, and deliver internationally. Get in touch via sales@venusinstrumentsaudio.com for more shipping options.

Will there be any more Venus Instruments modules?

Yes, there is a whole range of modules in the pipeline! You can stay up to date via our Instagram @venusinstruments.

Do your modules come with silver panels?

Not yet! But we're looking into getting some alternative colourways in future... watch this space!

Do you offer kits for your modules?

Unfortunately, no. We do offer Bare PCB and Front Panel Sets, however kits aren't feasible as a small business right now.

How do I upgrade my Firmware?

With a micro-USB cable and Chrome. Check out the instructions over on GitHub (bottom of the readme file).

I'm having trouble with my DIY build, can you help?

Yes! I do my best to offer support - with a tactical approach to debugging with some basic tools, I can help you get to the bottom of most problems.

I have more questions!

Please get in touch at info@venusinstrumentsaudio.com. Thanks!