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The Veno-Echo is a powerful stereo digital delay device for Eurorack synthesisers. Retaining the essence of the original design, the Veno-Echo has been reworked for extended functionality and improved performance.

Two separate channels with independent controls for delay time, feedback, and reverse direction. Combine with width and cross feedback, for total control over the stereo soundscape. Delay times range from Karplus-Strong territory up to 1 minute and feedback up to 110% for wild self-oscillation experiments.

Parameter changes are handled with crossfades to achieve smooth transitions without pitch modulation or artefacts. Apply Doppler effect pitch-shifting via the internal modulation, ranging from subtle vibrato to fully sea-sick. Or use the Mod CV input to sculpt your own wobble.

Sound quality runs the full gamut from crystal clear repeats, lo-fi crunchy digital aliasing to highly saturated distortion, evoking the sound of overdriven valves. Further tailor the character of your repeats with warm wet line high-pass and low-pass filters, with configurable cut-off frequencies and resonance.

Generate rhythmic patterns which stay in sync with the rest of your system, or freely select from a continuous range of ratios, to dial in a rushing or dragging feel or totally out of sync repeats.

Highly flexible and intuitive controls, allowing full creative freedom with huge modulation potential. The Veno-Echo is a versatile tool for your sound design experimentation.