VENO-ECHO is a powerful stereo digital delay device for Eurorack synthesizers. It features smooth parameter transitions with highly flexible and intuitive controls, allowing full creative freedom.

Layer musical slapback echoes to add space and depth, or conjure organically evolving wide stereo soundcapes. Create crystal clear digital repeats, or warm warping characterful echoes that evoke the sound of vintage units.

The Veno-Echo is a versatile tool for your sound design experimentation.

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  • Two separate channels with independent controls for delay time, feedback, and reverse direction. Combine with width and cross feedback, for total control over the stereo soundscape
  • Warm wet line high-pass and low-pass filters, with configurable cut-off frequencies and resonance, tailor the character of your repeats
  • Artefact-free transitions for all parameter changes. Mash the time controls for stuttering glitch and shuffle effects, or send wild CV modulation to multiple parameters, all without clicks or pops
  • Modulation CV input to sculpt your own pitch wobble
  • Tap in the tempo or use the clock input, and select a multiplier or divider for each channel, to generate rhythmic patterns which stay in sync with the rest of your system


  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • High performance op-amps in the audio path
  • Independent delay time, feedback, and reverse controls for each channel
  • Tap tempo and externally clockable
  • Stereo width and cross feedback controls
  • Extensive CV controls, including external modulation input
  • Low pass and high pass filters on wet line with adjustable cutoff frequencies and resonance
  • Performance oriented filter crossfade control
  • Configurable filters to pre or post feedback loop
  • Internal modulation with adjustable rate and depth
  • Feedback up to 125% to allow for run-away repeats
  • Right input normals to the left input for mono to stereo operation
  • Gate inputs for reverse switching
  • Built around the Electrosmith Daisy embedded platform - can also double as the test bed for your own DSP audio creations!


  • Audio quality: 24-bit, 48kHz
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: +12V 80mA, -12V 80mA (5V 0mA)
  • Delay time range: <5ms to 36s
  • CV input range: -5V to +5V
TIME KNOBSSet the delay time for each channel freely or as a ratio of the clock input. Transitions smoothly.FEEDBACK KNOBSSet feedback for each delay (number of repeats). Results in self-oscillation when turned up.REVERSE BUTTONSToggle the input of each delay between the dry signal and a parallel reverse buffer.CROSS FDBK KNOBAdjusts proportion of wet signal fed into each channel's own input and the opposite channel's input. Great for creating ping-pong stereo effects.WIDTH KNOBAdjust the stereo width of the delay from mono to hard-panned.SYNC-FREE TOGGLESelects whether the TIME controls set the delay time as a ratio of the base tempo, or with a free continuous range.LPF-HPF TOGGLESelects the type of filters applied to the wet line.
See User Manual (in Downloads section) for full details
FILTER XFADE KNOBCross fades between dry and filtered signal in the wet line. WETDRY KNOBAdjusts the amount of wet signal and dry input signal at the output. TAP BUTTONSets the base tempo by measuring time between taps.MOD CV JACKModulate the pitch of the repeats using the Doppler effect to create custom tape warble.CLOCK IN JACKTrigger input that can be used to set the base tempo.CV INPUTSApply CV modulation for delay time, feedback, width, and wetdry parameters. GATE INPUTSRemotely toggle reverse buttons.FULL STEREO AUDIO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS